Our years of experience in outsourcing make us a leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing Services, which include Human Resource Management, Group Employee Benefits, Insurance Programs, and Business Optimization Services.

Our mission is to provide businesses with a comprehensive, integrated outsourcing solution to reduce the costs and complexities associated with Payroll, Employee Benefits, and Insurance Services and Human Resource Management from a single source provider. As a single source provider using significant economies of scale, we can deliver multiple business functions that better serve our clients.

Xponent Employer Solution’s Benefits

Excellent Service and Bottom Line Savings. We have obtained this through strategic partnerships and infrastructure components that have successfully operated independently for years.

Stand Alone Products. Each product can be used as a method to increase efficiency and lower cost; thereby, allowing a business to focus on positive experiences with its customers.

Free Return on Investment Analysis. We show you the hard dollar savings, while demonstrating the ability to offload non-core competency functions that consume time and money.

State of the Art Technology and Techniques. We are empowered to bring value and efficiency to any business.

Xponent ES not only decreases costs and improves quality, we also increase revenue. Ask us to demonstrate how.

Keys to Success- Expertise & Channel Partners

  • Cost Effective Provider. Xponent ES utilizes time proven successful programs and tailors them to optimize cost efficiencies and dramatically reduce the challenges of managing a business.
  • Knowledge of Human Capital Costs. Xponent ES has unique, hard to duplicate techniques that keep costs low and provide significant cost reductions.
  • Insurance Relationships. Xponent ES has developed several association type plans that give it unique market advantages that other competitors don’t have.
  • Business Management Tools. Xponent ES has Strategic Alliances and tools that lead the industry in creating unique competitive differentiations.
  • Technology. We provide market leading technology that delivers complete integrated real time data to businesses for more control.
  • Management. We have significant depth and knowledge of the four tiers of service.