Voluntary Benefits

Xponent Employer Solutions has appointments with most major carriers and can provide a full range of Voluntary Benefits for your employees. Your employees trust you to select high-quality benefit providers that give them financial stability and control when they need it most. Many of our benefits can be employer sponsored or entirely voluntary by employees. Our Voluntary Benefits include:

  • GAP Insurance
  • Accident Policies
  • Cancer Policies
  • Voluntary Dental
  • Hospital Confinement Indemnity
  • Hospital Intensive Care
  • Life
  • Long-Term Care
  • Short Term Disability
  • Specified Health Event
  • Hospital Confinement Sickness Indemnity

If you are interested in providing a Fortune 500 menu of benefits for your employees without incurring an employer paid portion then look to us for a full range of plans. In addition many of our plans are eligible under a Cafeteria plan, which saves both the employee and the business.

Xponent Employer Solutions can arrange for these services to be included in your Payroll Administration or for ease of use through Single Point Billing.