Xponent Employer Solutions offers its service in PEO (Fully Bundled) HRO (Unbundled) and Payroll Only services. Services provided under the PEO can be chosen ala carte. In addition to Payroll Services, our Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) Gold plans include:

    • Human Resource database and employee file maintenance
    • Assistance with Immigration and Naturalization Service compliance (including Arizona‚Äôs mandatory
      E-Verify law)
    • Provision of current employment documentation
    • Development of job descriptions
    • Assistance with independent contractor issues
    • Development of an employee manual including policies, procedures, and guidelines
    • Legal research and dispute resolution assistance
    • Salary review and market comparisons
    • Compensation administration with wage and hour law compliance
    • Guidance with general employment matters and concerns
    • Performance appraisals
    • Reward and recognition programs
    • Drug-free workplace policy
    • Sexual harassment and discrimination training (Employee and Managerial)

The PEO service is the most cost efficient because of the aggregation of employers under one Tax ID; however services may be chosen ala carte. Our expert staff will discover the appropriate direction for your business.