The experts at Xponent Employer Solutions understand the complexities of your business and can offload burdensome payroll and HR duties to our staff. We stand behind our service plans through superior service, user friendly tools, and personalized service. Our Professional Employment Organization (PEO) Platinum plans include:

  • New Employee On-boarding
  • Risk and Compliance Assessment
  • Workers Compensation Programs
  • Risk Management and Claims Handling
  • Benefit and Insurance Plans and Services
  • Benefits Administration
  • Training and Staff Development
  • Self Service and Administrative Portals
  • Employment Law and Legal Assistance
  • Dedicated HR Manager
  • Legislative Updates
  • Documents on Demand

Each one of the services listed above has a detailed list of services as a subset of it. We provide the PEO Platinum Services as our turn-key solution for business where, with your direction, we take full responsibility as the administrative employer while you retain full control of your staff. Let us do a Business Improvement Analysis for you and show you why the bundled approach not only saves staff time but also pays for itself.