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Industry Studies have identified the following as significant areas of concern for most businesses:

  • Inaccurate/undue premium ratings resulting in premium overcharges
  • Lack of time and qualified personnel to control costs
  • Insurance programs do not performs as expected and have business killing exclusions or coverage gaps
  • Business related risks not covered by insurance
  • Businesses out of compliance and unidentified risks not remedied
  • Increases in current and future claim costs due to improper handling
  • Untrained staff unaware of compliance regulations

Xponent ES has solutions that eliminate or minimize those areas of concern, including:

  • Premium Audits to find and recover inaccuracies
  • Unique systems and technology that helps manage time and reduce costs
  • Systematically verify that insurance programs perform effectively without business killing exclusions or coverage gaps
  • Turn-key solutions and Business Legal risks not covered by insurance
  • Worksite Risk Analysis and OSHA Compliance Reviews
  • Injury Claim Management & Return to Work Programs
  • Safety – Health – Compliance Training Programs

We design plans and have practices in place to improve regulatory compliance, safety, and lower worksite risk. By “Focusing on the Rules,” we can confidentially analyze all aspects and factors impacting premium calculation and coverage to provide the best plan for your business.