Xponent Employer Solutions’ experts and easy-to-use online software combine to eliminate the guesswork involved with payroll. Our flexible approach accommodates businesses of all sizes and allows our clients to have as much or as little involvement with the process as they deem necessary. Save time and frustration with these features:

  • Single Logon – Single Database System
  • Real Time Reporting
    • o Customizable
    • o Multiple Export Formats
  • Instant Data Updates – One Record, One Platform
  • Modular and Affordable
  • Track Paid-Time-Off and Sick/Vacation Time
  • Standard and Individual Measurement Calculations
  • Supports Healthcare Reform
  • Employee Access to Earning Statements and W-2’s
  • Immediate Statement Previews
  • Built In Test Environments
  • Payroll Alerts
  • Geospatial Tax Identification
  • Process Garnishments
  • Adjustment Payrolls

Each of the features listed above are fully supported by our dedicated payroll staff as opposed to a computer based support system. This ensures that our clients receive timely and appropriate assistance for all of their payroll needs.