Time & Attendance

Xponent’s Time & Attendance solutions offer a unique set of features that are easy to configure and use. Gain greater visibility into attendance behaviors without the overhead of more complex and costly solutions with:

  • Employee Scheduling
  • Time Collection
    • Traditional Swipe and Keypads
    • Mobile Phone and Device data entry methods
    • Biometric
    • Eternal Systems
  • Instant Data Updates – One Record, One Platform
  • Modular and Affordable
  • Summary Views of current and previous pay periods
  • Missed Punches Identification
  • Overtime Hours Identification
  • Automatic Population of Company Holidays
  • Time Off Request Tool
  • Job Costing
  • Customizable Reporting with multiple export formats

Managing your workforce is essential to maintaining a competitive edge. Our solutions will increase productivity, create a fair and unbiased work environment, reward positive attendance behavior, and allow you to spend less time approving time-sheets.